In the last seven months I have brought my blood glucose down from 338 to under 110. My A1C went down from 12.8 to 5.9, all this without any medications. You have changed my life. I cannot thank you enough.


You have no idea how impactful our last meeting was on me and my overall understanding on nutrition. I've told so many people about you and your "arm stress test!" Looking forward to seeing you again soon.


I am happy to inform you that our son has been reevaluated by his pediatric gastroenterologist and, to our delight, he has been cleared of his ulcerative colitis. Whatever you had recommended to us worked brilliantly. We are so indebted to you for what you've done for our family.


I came in to see you about 3 weeks ago for help with my MS symptoms and I just wanted to write and say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have been strictly following the diet you suggested, as well as taking the supplements you suggested. I have to tell you that for the first time in at least a year I feel like myself. I cannot express in words just how amazing it is to actually say those words and how grateful I am to you.

I had my 6-month MRI scan done yesterday and had 2 less lesions than in my previous scan.

Thank you so much for helping me to regain control of my body, for making me feel like myself again and for giving me hope when I felt like I had none left. I am so incredibly grateful to you. I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to not only feel 28 again, but to feel like myself again. Thank you!


Regards from the one who is your #1 fan, who takes all your advice, who thinks you are a wizard, who admires all that you've learned and shared about good health and just thinks you're a wonderful doctor, and oh, balloon blowing, glad you suggested it.


I truly appreciate your deep concern for your patients. It's not often that a practitioner really wants to help their patients achieve ultimate health.


Dr. Gero, you are a wonderful doctor!

I was impressed by how much you know so much about how the body works, both in terms of traditional and alternative medicine and how you are able apply it to the individual patient.

I have been to other health professionals who can tell you a lot about general practices and treatments, but they can't tell you how that relates to your specific set of symptoms or general body makeup. You are also very willing to share your knowledge. Most of the doctors I've been to offer a brusque diagnosis and "Next patient!". I love the way you took the time to tell me what my problems were and explained it in a way that made sense to me. This is a rare and exciting quality, at least in my experience.

I also looked forward to my visits to your office. Every visit I get a dose of new fascinating learning experiences, punctuated with a lot of laughter. How many health professionals can you say that about?


You have impacted my life in a tremendously positive way...when I walked into your office in the fall of 2008 I was 213 pounds with a waist size of 40. Within a�year after following your program of proper exercise and diet which you designed specifically for me and my body requirements, I dropped to 175 pounds with a waist size�of 34. I now have a size 42 chest and a 34 inch waist. My blood pressure and cholesterol are in normal ranges.

I am going to be 63 and I have the energy of a man in his thirties...Your slogan, WELLNESS IS NOT A PART-TIME JOB, is taped to my treadmill...I introduced my 49 year old�girlfriend to your philosophy of wellness and she has�dropped�25 pounds and now looks like a model.

We are both grateful to you. Thank you so much for changing my life for the better.


When first coming to your office, I showed you my hands and they had been peeling from four fingers for over a decade. I had gone to several dermatologists and they gave me creams. I showed�my hands�to regular MDs on several visits.� Everyone diagnosed eczema.� They were all probably right about the condition but not the treatments. Nothing helped.

After our first consultation, you gave me Thyrostim, a bottle of Fish Oil and told me to up�the dose�of�Primrose Oil.� On our follow-up visit, you read my blood test results and found a Vitamin D deficiency and recommended supplements.� So, I do not know which of your diagnosis and treatments worked, but my hands are�healed and no more peeling.� My granddaughters' commented on how "not scratchy" my hands are now.

It�has been�a great boost to my self-esteem not to have to hide my hands around people and at work as well. I thank you for this.

I appreciate all you do.


I will also be bringing my daughter in next month for her follow-up. She's doing great! Thank you for that! I can't tell you how for 6 years of her suffering with bleeding and doctors not helping or understanding me and 6 months of your time, knowledge and encouragement has made this mom very happy!!


It has been several weeks since we last spoke. I must report to you that I feel 80% better.

I do thank you for being the best at what you do, and finding out what was wrong with me. You gave me my life back.

Will talk soon.

Thank you.


Well it's been a little over 3 weeks since I started on the new herbs. I am happy to say that they are working. I feel 80 percent better. Thank you for my sanity. My family and friends thank you also. I no longer am getting night sweats, hot flashes or mood swings. Life is wonderful again.


I can't begin to tell you or use the right words to describe how I feel about you. How grateful I am that we met. You inspire me. You had a hand in my healing. You believed in me and you told me "good for you..." when I told you I successfully removed myself from medication and I did it by myself.


It is always such a pleasure talking to you... you have wonderful, positive, contagious energy!


I am feeling so much better from the bronchitis and am continuing to take the Echinacea and vitamin C as you recommended.

Thank you for your help and attention during that acute time.


I met with you and started on my wheat-free diet. It's now been a total of 8 days and I've only had 1 migraine since last Saturday! That is HUGE for me!! My only regret is that I didn't find you much, much sooner.


You are so nice and caring and there aren't many doctors like that any more! No one seems to care about the toll unbalanced hormones can take on someone's life. Thanks for all your help.


Thank you Dr. Gero. I honestly did not expect such an improvement so soon. You are truly wonderful and a blessing to all who come to you.


Within a few days, I felt MUCH better. I have been feeling more like my "old" self. I am able to get through the day and even into the night!


Our session yesterday evening was wonderful. I greatly appreciate your manner and approach.


I've noticed a very big improvement from the combo of the 5-htp and the balance d. Sometimes I don't even realize that I'm that much better because a lot of my previous symptoms have melted away and I've begun to "live" without being constantly hampered by ridiculous thoughts or feelings. I can't believe the big strides I have made since I saw you.


I know that you will enjoy learning a wonderful result of my work with you. For the last twenty-five years, I have had many black and blue marks over my legs and I now have none! I believe that my energy is up. Thanks for your creative ideas and most of all your support.


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