What is Medical and Corrective Exercise?

Medical and Corrective Exercise is a revolutionary approach to fitness training that provides the strength and conditioning exercises for how you move, work and play every day. It is a system of training methods that integrates your individualized functional movements with essential fitness components to form a comprehensive exercise program: aerobics, strength conditioning, flexibility, balance and neuromuscular control (coordination).

Key elements of Medical and Corrective Exercise

Medical Fitness Assessment - I will establish a fitness baseline, assessing structural and postural imbalances, performing a musculoskeletal screening, measuring strength, cardiovascular, flexibility, balance and coordination, then create an appropriate customized program that fits your needs and time constraints.

Medical Exercise Evaluation, Instruction and Program Design - I will create an exercise regimen based on any structural or muscular imbalances, physical limitations and medical or physiological conditions.

Strengthen the Core - Our approach emphasizes core stability. It builds a foundation on hip and abdominal strength that supports proper body movement and stabilizes the spine. We often begin with a postural analysis then progress by using the body's own weight in exercises until we are sure of a clients' core strength.

Multidirectional and Multiplane Movement - Most traditional exercise machines work muscles in one plane only. Real life takes place in three planes. Our exercises integrate three planes of motion (front & back, side to side, twisting), preparing the participant for the true demands of any physical activity, thus reducing the chance for injury.

To illustrate, think about a standard bench press exercise. You lie on a bench and lift a weight up vertically away from your chest and then bring it back down in a controlled movement. Great for the chest, right? The question is, when do you ever do this in real life? In your day-to-day activities, your muscles are called upon to lift things sideways, from straight out in front of you, from below, and from above. The bench press exercise only addresses some of the muscles needed to perform these everyday tasks. Unless you are just interested in larger muscles, a bench press has very little function in our daily lives.

The Medical and Corrective Exercise approach uses conditioning techniques that take into account the ways you actually move in respect to your daily activities.

Tailored to Your Lifestyle

Medical and Corrective Exercise can be tailored to your busy schedule, specific physical demands, the athletic activities you enjoy or to alleviate pain and disability. This enhances your health, well-being and prevents injury.

Natural Motion

Medical and Corrective Exercise techniques are based on principles of biomechanics that concentrate on the body's natural motion. Each person has his or her own natural motions.

Balance and Coordination

Medical and Corrective Exercise emphasizes balance, coordination and body awareness in everyday activities in a way that traditional resistance training does not. Rather than focus on isolated muscles, our approach uses multiplane, multidirectional exercises that challenge and improve balance and coordination. This reduces the potential for injury and allows the body to move efficiently, with less effort.

An Individualized Exercise Program

Dr. Glenn Gero has been involved in fitness for over 40 years and has earned seven nationally recognized fitness certifications including: medical and post-rehabilitative exercise, post surgical cancer exercise and senior fitness program design. His expertise is in creating a personalized exercise program that will fit everyone's lifestyle. Exercise should be effective, safe, functional, time efficient and enjoyable.

Medical and Corrective Exercise should be part of your holistic health program.

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